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The AMSJ is the perfect medium for organisation wishing to advertise to a medical student audience. A limited amount of space is made available for advertising in each issue of the journal. Advertising on this website can also be arranged.

Editorial Integrity Policy

Advertising is to have no influence of AMSJ editorial decisions, and any attempt by sponsors or advertisers to exert such an influence will result in immediate termination of arrangements.

Please find the advertising prospectus for the Australian Medical Student Journal attached below:

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From the perspective of an advertiser seeking to reach the Australian medical student population, the AMSJ offers selective targeting and comprehensive penetration of a unique market of futre and current healthcare professionals and academics. The AMSJ is made freely available to all 14,000 medical students in Australia through print and electronic distribution via student medical societies, our email subscription list and our website.  The AMSJ is a free publication run as a not-for-profit organisation with a volunteer staff. Please find further details within our prospectus and throughout our website.

If you would like any further information or have any advertising related queries please contact our advertsing department.


Advertising Officers

Grace Yeung

Sanjay Hettige


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