Submissions for Volume 6, Issue 2 are now open.
This submission round will continue throughout the summer holidays to 5pm, Friday 13 March, 2015.

Please ensure that all AMSJ submission guidelines have been read and adhered to before attempting to complete a submission. Please ensure that both steps below are completed.

Step 1
Please complete one of the six submissions forms. Note that many of the fields contained within the forms may not be applicable to your submission. Please feel free to contact the Submissions Officer at if you are having any difficulties or require assistance of any kind. Please note that forms cannot be saved. The forms should open in separate browsers windows/tabs.

Step 2

Title your submission document (*.doc format) according to submission type and the first five words of the title, using the following format:

  • “Submission Type. Title (first five words).”
  • e.g. “Review article. Surgery for spinal cord injury.”
  • e.g. “Letter. Research and development in the.”

Title your figures in the same manner, but with the figure number added at the end:

  • “Submission Type. Title (first five words). Figure Number.”
  • e.g. “Review article. Surgery for spinal cord injury. Figure 4.”
  • e.g. “Letter. Research and development in the. Figure 1.”

Email your submission document and all figures as separate attachments to As the subject, use the title of the submission document, i.e. “Submission Type. Title (first five words).” Any text in the body will be ignored.

You should receive an automatically generated response upon sending anything to this address.


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